Best Commercial AC Preventive Maintenance in Conroe, TX

The first step to keeping your AC unit running efficiently is to perform preventive maintenance. This means checking air filters, electrical connections, cleaning the condenser coils, and checking refrigerant levels. If these steps are neglected, your system is not only likely to break down, but your business will suffer. If you’re not sure what to do next, consider calling our experts in commercial AC preventive maintenance in Conroe. Read on to find out what your AC unit needs to stay comfortable.

Cleaning Air Filters

If you run a commercial AC system in Conroe, you probably know the importance of cleaning air filters frequently. Air filters are made of a special material that traps particulates in the air. Over time, these filters become clogged with dust, pollen, and other contaminants. As a result, they can contribute to respiratory problems, allergies, and even illness. It is important to keep the filters clean and replace them regularly to maintain good indoor air quality in Conroe, TX.

Checking Electrical Connections

While every HVAC system has specific needs for regular maintenance, it’s important to pay special attention to the electrical system in a healthcare facility. Electrical connections in special occupancy centers should be insulated properly along panel boards and outlets. Each operating room should have a receptacle designated for critical patient care. Be sure to contact an AC technician to check and make sure the power source of your AC system is adequate and review load calculations of essential systems. Call a technician in Conroe at (281) 767-OMNI today.

Cleaning Condenser Coils

One of the most important aspects of any commercial AC unit is the condenser coil system. This component releases hot air into the surrounding atmosphere. Because these coils are located outdoors, they’re exposed to the elements and dirt. When dirt or debris gets trapped inside them, the heat-transfer process can’t take place properly. Cleaning these coils during regular AC preventive maintenance for your commercial property can help avoid these issues. Call for proper commercial AC preventive maintenance today at (281) 767-OMNI.

Checking Refrigerant Levels

As a part of commercial AC preventive maintenance in Conroe, it is important to check refrigerant levels. These liquids circulate throughout the air conditioner or heat pump and are necessary to maintain the desired temperature. The refrigerant levels should be checked once a month, and the lines should be free of cracks, tears, or leaks. If the refrigerant levels are low, contact a qualified commercial AC technician in Conroe today at (281) 767-OMNI to fix the problem. It is also crucial to check for unusual sounds or smells that may indicate more serious issues. Unnecessary leaks can lead to serious part failures and can compromise the air conditioning or heating system’s operation.

Checking for Mold Growth

Inspecting your HVAC system for mold is a very important part of preventative maintenance. While you can’t see mold, you can smell it. The odor is earthy and persistent. Even air fresheners can’t get rid of the odor. Mold growth is not something to ignore-it’s a sign that your system is in need of remediation. If you notice that your HVAC system is smelling musty, contact our AC technician for professional advice in handling mold remediation in Conroe, TX.

Want to keep your AC running perfectly for as long as possible?

Preventive maintenance in Conroe is the best way to keep your AC in great condition. Let’s be honest—without regular preventative maintenance, it’s difficult to know when something might go wrong. We offer commercial AC preventive maintenance in Conroe for all business sizes, regardless of the industry you’re in. From small, family-owned businesses to large corporations, Omni Air & Heating LLC can take care of your air conditioner in the best way possible. Contact us at (281) 767-OMNI today for commercial AC preventive maintenance and let us do the dirty work!

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