Commercial air chillers are vital HVAC components that keep people and equipment cool. They move internal heat to an external location and stabilize indoor temperatures in commercial settings in Conroe, Texas.

Chillers are a vital part of the HVAC system in most commercial buildings. These systems can consume as much as 50% of the electricity used in a typical facility, especially during peak seasonal periods. The chiller systems used by commercial buildings can consume as much as 20% of the electricity in North America. There are many types of chillers for the commercial air conditioning industry.

The main types are processing and cooling chillers. These units utilize a refrigerant to cool the air. A moving screw compresses the gas, allowing the refrigerant to change temperature. These chillers use a closed-loop system and are capable of handling a wide operating temperature range. They are available in a variety of capacities.

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While the majority of HVAC units are installed and operational during the warmer months, they may require service during the colder months. These units are costly to replace and require the assistance of professional AC technicians to make repairs. Fortunately, most of the manufacturers of industrial chillers employ highly skilled application personnel. In addition, many of these units are designed to function as both heating and cooling systems. Contact us for more information at (281) 767-OMNI today.

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