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Cooling towers are vital to the everyday operations at your business in Conroe, Texas. No matter what size or type of business you have, Omni Air can help you with installation, maintenance and design services for all types of cooling tower needs.

A cooling tower is the final destination of unwanted heat within a building. It absorbs heat from hot process streams and transfers it to the air. The warm water trickles over the fill material in the cooling tower and contacts the ambient air rising through the tower, which may be natural or forced draft using large fans. The heat transfer from the water to the air results in windage and some evaporation. The heat transfer rate from a cooling tower depends on its size and airflow.

Often, cooling towers are located in precarious or exposed locations, making inspection difficult. Hence, they require regular cleaning and maintenance. Fall prevention measures, such as lock-out/tag-out procedures, must be followed by workers.

Cooling Towers - Conroe Commercial Air Conditioning

Regular water treatment and inspection of mechanical and electrical systems are also essential. Listed below are some of the main maintenance procedures for cooling towers. If you are unsure which maintenance procedure to choose, Omni Air & Heating LLC will provide you with a thorough analysis. If you’re looking to learn more about cooling towers and cooling systems, contact Omni Air & Heating LLC at (281) 767-OMNI today.

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